Chanel Medium Classic Flap : A Review

Chanel Classic Double Flap, Medium in Black Caviar with Gold Hardware

Hello, hello! Today's post is a little different than the usual because, as mentioned in Monday's post, I'm currently traveling so I was a little hard-pressed on time to shoot enough outfit posts for while I was away {but don't worry, we'll be right back on schedule on Monday}! While my reviews are few and far between, I've actually noticed that those actually tend to stick out from the pack in engagement. So today, without further ado, I decided to review my all-time favorite bag from my collection and maybe give you guys a little more insight before you take the plunge on this investment piece.

So a little background...I love Chanel. But not in the cliche, I love Chanel because it's what all the stylish and the elite use and because I should because it's one of the major fashion houses of France and a luxury brand with a deep heritage. I've loved Chanel ever since I was in middle school, I was probably 11 or 12 when I first started researching Chanel. I still remember spending hours looking for a pair of the classic Chanel "CC" earrings in pre-loved condition on eBay because those were my dream. Granted, I eventually got over the earrings but naturally, the Classic Flap because my dream bag.

How this bag came into my possession was really meant to be -- I walked into the Chanel boutique at Neiman Marcus solely with the intention of looking at the bag. But it just so happened the SA had just received a brand new bag, still in the box, never touched that a customer had been on the wait list for. The SA had called the customer three days prior with no response, so she was now able to sell the bag to me because the hold period was up. The bag was the exact size, color, leather, and hardware that I was looking for, and once I put it on I decided to buy it right then and there. It's been almost two years since I've bought this bag and I haven't regretted it a day since.

As you can tell, the bag has held up extremely well. I do baby this bag, but as with everything you baby...awful accidents always happen. Therefore, despite my babying, this bag has not actually been treated all that gently. I've dropped it on my kitchen floor, I've run my finger nail against the leather, it's gotten caught in the rain and the snow, but it's still in excellent condition. Read below for a few quick thoughts in the major categories that I typically look for when I'm reading into reviews:

1) Price: When I purchased this bag it was $4900 + tax, which is still the current price. I believe the prices just went up in the UK {correct me if I'm wrong}, and the classic bags are due for a price increase soon. Chanel typically bumps the price up 10-20%, so if you've been debating on getting this bag, I would act sooner than later! This is one of those bags that will always have a positive return on investment. However, I won't pretend that $4900 + tax isn't already a lot of money because it is. But if you really love it and want it in your collection for many years to come, save up and treat yourself. There's never a better time than the present.

2) Quality: I've read in so many forums that the quality of Chanel bags have decreased in recent years. Unfortunately, this isn't something that I doubt. While my bag is still in fantastic condition, there are very minor flaws that either came with the bag or developed with use. Keep in mind I am extremely OCD and have painful attention to detail, but I do feel like my bag isn't 100% symmetrical {it's literally minuscule to the point that it's negligible and any normal human would tell me I'm crazy...but I am}. The CC turnlock hardware also scratches rather easily, and there's one stitch that could have been tucked in better. However, like I said, these are the smallest flaws that no one but I have noticed. Generally speaking, this handbag is really great quality and it feels expensive. I chose the caviar leather because it holds up to daily wears and tears. As mentioned above, I've run my finger nail over the leather without any visible scratches, and there's absolutely no sign that I've gotten my bag wet in the rain and snow.

3) Size: Even though this bag is the medium, it is quite small. It's the perfect size when worn, but you can't actually fit much inside. Because it's a double flap, it doesn't have much give as a single flap, so there's really not much room for squeezing in anything additional without distorting the shape of your bag {which I don't like to do}. For my frame, I think this is the perfect size and if I were to only ever own one Chanel bag, I would still choose this size and style. It easily functions as a day bag while transitioning perfectly over into an evening bag. The jumbo will fit much more, but is largely used as a more casual bag and is tougher to wear on one shoulder or crossbody because the chain is very long. Do note though, this bag cannot really be worn crossbody -- it's pretty short and hits me at around my ribcage if I crossbody it. For reference, I am 5'5".

See below image for what comfortably fits in my bag. You could definitely also throw in a set of keys and maybe another lipstick or chapstick plus a pack of gum.

Overall, do I recommend this bag? 1000 times yes. Would I buy it again? Without a doubt. My only regret? That I didn't have money to buy this 4 years ago when it was almost half the price. Any questions? Leave in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer any questions!


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