When in Mykonos // A Greece Travel Diary {Part III}

"Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere."


That's how long I will spend remembering this place, feeling the breeze of the Aegean Sea on my face and in my hair, picturing the clear blue waters in a shade of turquoise that does not compare as we sailed between the islands on our journey to Rhenia, and chasing sunsets that I'll forever savor -- sitting on our little rock, with the Mykonos windmills to our left and the vast, expanse of the ocean to our right, extending out into infinity, with James Bay playing in the background, watching the sun dip below the horizon...


Day 1: Exploring Mykonos Town & Little Venice
Mykonos Town is a place you can literally get lost in and not mind one bit. Each corner you turn is another breathtaking surprise of charm. It's white washed walls with the most beautiful accent colors and bougainvilleas cascading down everywhere. My tip? Get lost. I truly think that is the beauty of Mykonos Town, and you'll discover alleyways and unforgettable views that you wouldn't have found otherwise. Spend an entire afternoon wandering the cobblestone streets and really take your time to enjoy it. I'm sure when I say, there's no place else on this Earth like it. 

The Old Port

Paraportiani Church 

Mykonos Windmills

Little Venice

Mykonos at dusk 
During our first day, we missed the sunset because we got a flat tire on our rental car. One thing I have to say...the people of Mykonos are some of the friendliest Greeks we met during our trip. They apologized to us for making us miss the sunset even though they had to drive to us to fix our tire, completely free of charge.

Day 2: Yacht Cruise to Rhenia Island
This photo was actually not taken from our boat cruise, but all the photos I have from that day were taken on my iPhone. However, I highly recommend this day trip! We booked with Sunfos Alessia Yachting and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. It's a semi-private yacht, so we were on the excursion with six others {10 guests total}. You can definitely get your fair share of sun, water, and beach at the beaches on Mykonos, but Rhenia is completely uninhabited and the water there is calmer, bluer, and clearer than the waters by Mykonos. If I had to go back, I would do it again 110%.

Day 3: Super Paradise and one last sunset
We spent our last day at Super Paradise beach. We asked around with the locals we met in both Mykonos and Athens, and this was by far the most popular suggestion. The resounding answer was -- Super Paradise is beautiful, and it's not a trip to Mykonos without a trip to Super Paradise. Also note, the sunset beach parties start at 4pm ;)

We made our way back to Mykonos Town for one last sunset on our perfect little rock that we discovered on our first day wandering the town. Breathtaking and beautiful barely scrape the surface of how deeply this moment and this sight have been engraved in my heart and in my mind...forever.

"Everything that's broke, leave it to the breeze;
Let the ashes fall, forget about me.
Come on let it go, just let it be;
Why don't you be you,
and I'll be me." 

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