Mykonos Charm // A Greece Travel Diary {Part II}

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” 


I left a piece of my heart in Mykonos. They say that traveling changes a person, and I truly do believe that. You learn things about yourself that you wouldn't learn if you stayed in the same place forever and never opened your eyes up to other places and new experiences. I was surprised by Mykonos and how deeply I connected with this place. Though Mykonos was on my bucket list, Santorini was always the original dream. But that's the beauty of traveling -- places surprise you and you surprise yourself. Mykonos is a place that I could get lost in and live in and never grow tired of. It's the kind of place that speaks to everything that I'm looking for in life right now. Full Mykonos travel diary coming your way on Thursday!


Madewell Dress || J.Crew Sandals - this year's here || Handmade Bag from Greece || Sunnies via Amazon

Special thanks to Crystal D. for capturing these outfit photos.

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