Little Things

“The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count.”

Little things.

I'm guilty of it myself -- overlooking the importance of the little things in life. It takes certain people and certain moments for me to stop and forget, pause and remember: to savor the little things because life's big moments are made up of a string of small things and events that add up to the greatest things. It's been awhile since I had a staycation because time off once you start working is limited. Typically, my PTO days are spent on travels and never home. As much as I love traveling, it's also exhausting because you're constantly in motion trying to make the most of your time and take in as many of the sights, and once you return back home it's straight back to your regular 9-to-5 grind. I had some time off these past few days and it was such a breath of fresh air. It took me back to lazy summer days, long winter breaks, and my last semester of college where I had six day weekends because I'd finished up almost all of my necessary credits before then. Having nothing but time and nowhere to be is such a luxury that I used to take for granted back in the day. It used to seem like such a small and mundane thing -- just life idling by. Sometimes it takes a short reset for you to appreciate all the little things that you otherwise used to pass by.


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