What If

"There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask,
"What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"

What if.

It's the one question in life that I never want to ask myself. If you have to ask yourself, "what if?" that means there was something in your life that you bypassed, a decision you chose no to instead of choosing yes when you weren't really sure. Of course, there are a lot of what if's that you can't control, but the ones that you do have control over, I say you should always choose yes. I joke a lot with my friends that I'm going through a quarter-life crisis, because half the time I'm not sure if I'm doing "what I'm meant to be doing" with my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm not where I had planned myself to be two years post-college, and sometimes I let those thoughts disappoint me. I've made certain choices that led me to where I am today, and I've made some recent decisions that have taken me a couple steps back. But those decisions were those "what if" decisions -- the ones where if you didn't make the choice to say yes, you'd look back in five or ten years and wonder, "What if...?". There will inevitably come a point in your life where you can't stop the momentum of the ball rolling down the hill; a point where the culmination of decisions you've made in the last number of years in your life are not easy ones to undo unless you're willing to make huge sacrifices. But sometimes, life doesn't allow those sacrifices even if you're willing to make them. So my outlook is: if you're able to say yes, then say yes to the decision that you want a definitive answer to. It may be a cliché way to put it, but carpe diem.


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