Like Honey

"There's a wild, wild whisper blowing in the wind, calling out my name like a long lost friend."

Like honey.

There are certain things that inevitably transport me back in time. They are the memories that stick to me, like honey -- they are the reasons that life was sweet, and they are the reasons that make life even sweeter. This past weekend someone asked me how I come up with the quotes I share with each post, whether I write them myself or if I find the online, and what they mean to me. To some, my choice of words may seem random. But for me, they have a lot of meaning. Sometimes it takes me hours to find the perfect quote that I think resonates with my outfit and the overall aesthetic of the photos. Most quotes I find online, others I write myself and some are taken from books I've read, lyrics I've heard, or things I've simply stumbled upon. Today's post reminded me of honey, of Lady Antebellum, and of memories. Thus, today's quote is from Lady Antebellum's American Honey, and my opening thoughts are about old memories which, in my mind, are constantly floating and swirling around our being like the winds that tussle our hair. And they're sweet - like honey.


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