Easy Going

"Have you ever crossed an ocean only to find there is more joy to be found along the shore?"

Easy going

And easy living. That's how I feel when things come to an end - particularly, weekends. I've made it a point to book my calendar full, especially when I have long weekends. I try to take a trip or see some friends because an extra day or two tacked on to a weekend makes it seem like the possibilities are endless. I've made it a habit to allocate all of my PTO days to vacations and leave none for staycations because PTO days are like a rare and dying breed so one must cherish them as such. Thus, this past weekend was a much needed weekend of doing absolutely nothing and relishing in doing just that. I spent Thanksgiving at home with my family and made no plans to see anyone or do anything for the rest of the weekend because I simply needed some me time, and it was perfect. Don't get me wrong, I will most definitely continue to allocate all of my PTO days to traveling but every now and then we all just need to take a breather right in the comfort of our own homes where you'll be surprised to find that sometimes the greatest joys come from traveling the shortest distance.


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