The Clarisonic Mia 2: A Review

Hi all, and happy Monday! Today I'm back with another review, this time of the Clarisonic Mia 2! I haven't done an updated skincare regimen post in awhile, but I feel like my skin has been going through some changes lately. I bought the original Clarisonic Mia 1 a couple years ago, so it was nice to be able to compare the two after using the Mia 1 for awhile and then moving on to the Mia 2. When I purchased my Mia 1, I had debated between the Mia 1 or the Mia 2, but ultimately went with the Mia 1 since it was older {and thus cheaper}. Keep on reading for my thoughts on the Mia 2 and a quick comparison back to the original Mia 1!

1) Price: The Mia 2 alone retails for $169, but searching around on the web you can find them for as low as $109 -- it's currently on a promotion on the Clarisonic website for that price! In comparison, the Mia 1 retails for $129, so it's actually cheaper to buy the Mia 2 at the moment vs. the  Mia 1. 

2) Use: I use my Clarisonic at most once a day, but sometimes out of sheer laziness I skip uses and just use my hands to wash my face. I originally bought my Mia 1 because I had been breaking out so I wanted something that could give me a deeper cleanse. The biggest difference between the two devices is the two-speed option and the cleansing timer that the Mia 2 comes with. I personally prefer to use my Mia 2 on the low speed and I do find the timer pretty helpful so I know how long I'm supposed to spend cleansing each section of my face. Both Mia's are set to run for 1 minute of cleansing, but the Mia 2 will pause momentarily when you're supposed to switch spots: 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose/chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek. Also, my favorite feature? It's waterproof! I'm a big "cleanse face while showering" kinda girl because I think it's an "efficient use of time" {it probably isn't}. So if any of you are on this same boat, the Mia is 100% shower proof! It also has amazing battery in I think I charged my Mia 1 maybe 3 times in the entire two years I owned it, and I have yet to charge my Mia 2 since the initial charge after I unboxed it {it's been over a month}.

3) Effects: I won't lie...before owning any Clarisonic, I always thought my hands did a fine enough job cleansing my skin. My routine typically consists of using a cleanse off oil to remove my makeup before moving on to face wash. However, after using the Clarisonic, I came to realize that my face probably still had a lot of residual makeup leftover. The cleansing brush is always still tinted with the color of foundation {I use tinted moisturizer} after I cleanse my face, and when I just wash my face without the Clarisonic there is typically always makeup on the paper towel when I go to dry my face. I definitely think the Clarisonic gets to the areas on our face that we typically miss: our hairline area and the crevices of our nose. It also makes sure you spend enough time washing your face since you'll naturally be inclined to wait until the device powers off on its own versus using your hands to wash your face where I'm sure most of us give our faces a few quick scrubs and call it a day. However, like everything else, it's not a miracle worker. I do think consistency is key, and if you are religious about your cleansing routine you will see the results! I had pretty bad breakouts for awhile on my cheeks, but after getting serious about really cleansing my face I've seen vast improvements. 

4) Mia 1 or Mia 2: With the deal right now, I'd say go with the Mia 2 all the way. But if it came down to paying full price for one or the other, I don't think the two-speed option and the cleansing timer are 100% necessary if you're looking to save $40. I have never used the second speed option on my Mia 2 and think the timer is just a nice-to-have. After trying out the two and comparing, I'd probably still go back and just purchase the Mia 1 myself given the price difference. However, overall I do recommend the Clarisonic Mia to anyone who's in the market for a device like this and it also makes a great gift for the holidays! 

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the comment section down below. I'd be happy to answer!


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