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"I carry your heart with me
(I carry it in my heart)."

With me.

Back again, to the one place I will always feel deeply connected to. I took a week off from blogging to close out 2016 so I could spend time with family and friends and feel present. I shared a post on New Year's Eve from California, about how I felt like 2016 really came full circle for me. The first place I traveled to in 2016 was California, back in February as soon as my PTO days at work renewed so I could visit my grandmother. 10 months later, I found myself back in the same place to say goodbye to the past year. Except this time it was different, because a piece of my heart that always connected me to this place was no longer going to be there. It was, as I said in my last post, bittersweet. It was like the end of one huge chapter of my life and the beginning of a new one because now this place will have to hold a different meaning to me. It will always be the place I used to visit every year growing up to see my grandmother and the rest of my extended family, and I know for a little while it will keep feeling like a piece of that is missing. But we will all learn to grow around the missing part of our family - she was our heart. It'll just take some time. And until then, I will keep carrying her heart with me wherever I go...always.


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