Growing Flowers

"Raise your words not your voice. 
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

Growing flowers.

I've always loved and appreciated the beauty of flowers, but I never understood how difficult it was to grow beautiful flowers. Growing up, my parents made tending to a garden look easy. It seemed like whatever they planted grew - whether it be flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Therefore, inherently, I thought that growing a plant was not that hard: as long as I planted, watered, and let the sun shine my little seeds would sprout. Unfortunately, it seems to be that I was not blessed with a green thumb and most plants that fall under my care wilt sooner than they blossom. I've come to find that successfully growing a plant takes time, patience, and measured care. They do not require too much of any one thing but just enough of each. Like us, plants are delicate but resilient. Some seasons they bloom more beautifully than others - it all depends on circumstance. We must let it rain, but we can't let it pour, we must let the sun shine but not so much that it scorches; we must raise our words and not our voices because if the weather turns then the flowers cannot grow.


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