"Slowly, life forms from between the jagged lines in this crumbling sidewalk. Weeds, maybe. Miracles, perhaps. But for me, a small reminder than you can {and you must} grow wherever your soul has been planted."


I'm a firm believer that we are all dealt our own hand in life and everyone's hand is different. Our lives take us in different directions and different paths - maybe ones we imagined for ourselves and maybe not. It's easy to compare our lives to those of the people around us and it's something that we tend to do often. But we have to remember that our souls have been planted in different places. Where we are rooted will yield different crops and that's okay. Sometimes we may struggle to grow and we wonder if this is really where we should be trying to thrive. Is this where I should be planted, and is this the ground that I should be watering? Will my efforts yield a bountiful return on investment? 90% of the time I know I'm planted where the sun shines and the rains pour and the ground is fertile, but 10% of the time the grass seems greener on the other side. The seed of doubt creeps in and I wonder if I should uproot myself and plant myself elsewhere. During those times, I remind myself that the clouds will pass, the sun will shine, and the future is bright.


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