To Light a City

"I want to be so complete I could light a whole city and then I want to have you cause the two of us combined could set it on fire."

To light a city

And then to set it on all begins with you. To be better as a half you must first be complete as a whole. You must be able to light your own way - to have a sense of your own self and be happy with who you are. You have to have learned how to be good at being independent because who you are should not be dependent on another. You can create your own sparks but together you can blaze trails. New York City is an enigma - it is the city that never sleeps and makes you feel so small while also making you feel like you are in the epicenter of it all. To be able to light your way through this city is to have a bold sense of being and a strong sense of presence. It is a beautiful place to be because you will always find light, even in the quiet places.


Theory Cardigan || Allegra K Top || J.Crew Pants || L.K. Bennett Boots || Mansur Gavriel Bag || Prada Sunnies

Photos by Priscilla H.

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