Monday morning commute checklist: stay comfortable, stay conventional, and stay awake. 

I have quite the long commute to work {90 minutes give or take}, and though many people prefer to utilize their time by catching a last minute snooze before work, I for one find it quite difficult to fall asleep on public transportation. Granted, I also have to make two transfers plus a ten minute walk within these 90 minutes, so a nap really isn't something feasible unless I want to miss my stop and waltz into work thirty minutes late. 

Thus, for me, I'm all about comfort and convention. I've been trying to find as many ways to wear my white Converse chucks because they're casually stylish but also great for pounding the pavement. Plus, on those unfortunate days where I need to run for the train, paper thin sandal soles or flip flops are not exactly the most ideal shoes to be wearing {yes, I am that embarrassing person sprinting down the sidewalks of New York. I have zero shame}. Friendly advice : double knot your sweater while running or else it will fall off. Trust me - first hand experience. 

Old Navy Dress {old} - similar here | Abercrombie & Fitch Hoodie c/o || Converse Sneakers || Forever 21 Bag || Sunglass Warehouse Sunnies c/o || Necklaces: Forever 21, Tiffany&Co. || Rings: Tiffany&Co. || Anne Klein Watch

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  1. Totally loving your outfit! So pretty!!

    UGH I feel you on the commute. Mine is about 1hr and 20 min (give or take) each way. I drive, bus, subway AND walk in this timeframe, too.

    I usually have a ton of bags, because if I like to wear fun shoes, I usually bring them with me (in addition to my purse, lunch, etc).

    xo Jackie

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