In the Now

Resentful of the past, fearful of the future 
{via Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple}

I am an avid reader - always have been, always will be. When I was young, I used to visit the public library once a week during the summertime to borrow a huge stack of books, spend the week with my nose burrowed in the pages, cover after cover, and return again the following week to take out another stack. Life eventually got the better of me in college and I stopped reading as much, but now that I'm back on a pretty regular schedule I've picked up reading again during the downtime of my commute and lazy Sunday mornings. I'm a total bookworm. My mom tells me that even when I was a little girl {before I could read} I would go to the library, pick out a story book, and sit in the children's section narrating an entire world of fiction to myself based on the colorful drawings {I vaguely remember doing this with Cinderella, re-telling the story based off of pictures and my memory of the Disney movie}. 

The quote above is from a book that I finished this past weekend. It's a fun read, a bit quirky, and not the usual genre that I gravitate towards. I picked out that quote because I thought it was super fitting for this post. Aéropostale has recently launched a new campaign called Aero Now, with the idea of "Are you who you were a year ago?". It's about living in the now with an emphasis on the evolution of self and in their case, the evolution of a brand. It is everything in opposition to the idea of being resentful of the past and fearful of the future. With personal style, evolution is inevitable and change is a constant, but throughout it all it's about staying true to yourself at the core - that's the beauty of it.

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