"Holding on is all I can do until the lights fade"
-Chris Mann, When the Lights Fade

When summer begins to fade into autumn I feel like my wardrobe should reflect as such. Typically when I think mint, I think pastel combinations or a classic white pairing; I rarely go for a dark color, let alone black. But as we near the end of August, I'm beginning to transition my wardrobe to fall so I wanted to try something new and mix a seemingly feminine top into a more unexpected pairing. I also really didn't want the beautiful lace hem to get lost in a light bottom or tucked away into a skirt line. And anyways, who wouldn't know to match a mint top with a white skinny jean? In the name of personal style, I'm all about trying to bring something new to the table. 

Between me and you, choosing these pants was a great excuse for me to wear very comfortable pants to work. I kinda sorta wish all my pants were pajama pants in disguise. I picked these ones up from Zara's last sale, and they're kind of like a boyfriend jean in jogger form, made from the lightest faux suede material -- the perfect summer-to-fall transitional piece. Pairing it with silver tones cools down the outfit despite the lingering heat in the air. To me this is very feminine meets a little bit of edge, which is my kind of outfit because I'm probably {definitely} not cool enough for just straight up edgy {lezbehonest, sista don't got that swag, yafeelz?}.

 Pink Blush Top c/o - in white || Zara Pants - similar here || Zara Shoes - similar here || A√©ropostale Bag c/o || Cole Haan Sunnies || J.Crew Necklace

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