Light & Love

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
{Martin Luther King, Jr.}

In light of the holidays and all that's going on in the world around us, I stumbled across the above quote and it really got me thinking. There has been so much violence recently -- whether people are fighting just to fight, fighting out of hate, fighting out of anger, or fighting because they've been truly wronged, and it all makes me so deeply saddened. Though I don't personally celebrate Christmas, it's always been one of my favorite times of year because the air during the holidays is just so full of joy and love and kindness. However, this year it kind of feels like Christmas crept right up on us and half the world has not yet been able to enjoy the spirit of the holidays because there is so much unresolve. 

Though I wish all of the underlying issues could have been solved without all of the recent events, at the same time I question whether we as people are capable of finding peace without first finding calamity. I just finished reading All the Light We Cannot See yesterday {I highly recommend it}, and it made me think of our present day. Despite all of our world's history, we somehow never cease to let history continuously repeat itself. So many others before us have gone through great lengths in pursuit of what now seems like the lofty idea of peace and equality. Yet we continue to do this dance of three steps forward, two steps back until we find ourselves in a sort of unspoken stalemate that holds together the edges of peace until the next major event breaks the dam. But really, how does this problem ever end if neither side is ever wrong? The victim seeks vengeance on the perpetrator, and in turn the perpetrator is now the new victim who also feels the need to be avenged. 

I grew up as an Asian American in a predominately caucasian area. The question of race inevitably infiltrates your mind when you are treated different or when a situation seems to end unfairly. The idea of race is an ever-present thing in so many situations that some people might not ever realize -- the food you eat, the way you speak, the holidays you celebrate, the traditions you have, the demeanor you carry, etc. I've found that the only solution to the issue is not to try and assimilate or blend in or compromise who you are, because it's a fact that I will never be the same as someone who was raised as an all-American or an African American or an Indian American or whatever other background you may come from, and the same holds true vice versa. Even if you closed your eyes and tried to walk twelve thousand miles in my shoes, you still wouldn't understand and that is totally fine because that is the beauty of difference. However, I think to accept difference it requires a level of indifference. Indifference towards the fact that we don't all look the same, indifference towards the fact that not one is superior to the other, indifference towards the fact that difference will always be a constant, and indifference towards the fact that no two people will see the world in the same way and using violence and blunt force to make your way the high way has never won any battles. There is no way to change or annihilate difference, so why don't we all turn the other cheek before the whole world goes blind and fill this holiday with light & love versus darkness & hate?

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  1. These are all such great words and I wish the same thing. You look so cozy in the scarf. Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays!

    - Aetherlily

  2. Indifference to accept differences. That's so brilliant! Such lovely words- if only the world would listen! Happy holidays, and keep looking gorgeous!

  3. Merry Christmas, dear! loving your coat
    xxx Keep in touch

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