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Today is the first fifth blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity for many new beginnings. I'm not going to talk about my new year resolutions today {I'll be saving that for Thursday's post}, but as usual I have lots more to yammer on about. We're five days strong into the new year, so how have your first four looked? I actually have quite a few things on my list of new year resolutions this year which is kind of a shocker for me as I was never one for resolutions in the past. Maybe it's cause I'm older now, but the more life that I've lived the more that I feel like I need to seize the day. If each year is a 365 page book, do you really want to write mundane page after mundane page? I definitely believe that our 20s are the years where we really need to squeeze as many colorful juices out of life as possible. It's the years where we are least committed, least responsible, and have the least to lose. Everyone can dream big, but when is the day going to come where you actually take life by its reins and decide that the life you're currently living isn't the life you had dreamt of living? With every credit there comes a debit {oooh, scarce application of knowledge acquired from school!!}, and that doesn't just apply to your bank account...i.e. for ever new bag comes a very large debit to my checking account. But if you want to add something positive to your life, there's usually always something that needs to be sacrificed, whether it be pursuing a new career {you'll have to take the plunge and give up the security of your current one...yes I know it's scary}, going back to school so you can do what you really want to in life {apply former and also the added pressure of paying for another degree and getting back onto the study grind}, traveling the world {traveling is timely and costly but when better time than now? Who knows what the future might or might not hold?}, or even doing something ridiculously scary like jumping out of an airplane and going skydiving {here the debit is sacrificing your personal fear of jumping out of an airplane and possibly plummeting to impending doom and/or pissing your pants and losing your dignity}. But it's 2015 and the world is your oyster, so carpe diem my friends.

Refined Couture

Vince Leather Jacket via Momma Couture - similar here || Madewell Top {on sale!} || Vince Trousers {old} - similar here || Kate Spade Booties via Momma Couture - more recent here || Chanel Bag || Fox Fur Stole via Momma Couture - similar here
*Yes, clearly my mother's closet is my second closet*


  1. sounds like you're just about ready to go skydiving with me!!

  2. lovely bag and scarf, looks great in that combination! :)



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