"How wild it was, to let it be."
{Cheryl Strayed, Wild}

And here we are saying hello to, yet again, the beginning of another month. To most people, I feel like February gives off the premonition of thawing ice, because after February comes March, and March is the beginning of spring. But here in the wonderful land of New Jersey, it is more like Febrrrr-uary because it is still the dead of winter and Mother Nature will most definitely not let us forget that. She goes out kicking and screaming -- feisty little one she is. 

Staying warm in the east coast is definitely an acquired skill, and keeping said warmth stylish is an art in thereof itself. After all, it is called the art of layering. The real trick is to always, always wear an additional layer inside that never sees time of day, aka Heat Tech. Over that, you begin to layer on the actual components of your outfit. For today's look, I chose a very neutral palette to highlight the burnt umber shade of this wool coat: a grey and white stripe silk blouse + a quilted grey sweatshirt + a navy scarf. If I'm not wearing a puffy down jacket, I'm almost always wearing at least 3+ layers and I never leave the house without a beanie and a scarf -- 20 degree weather spares no prisoners. What are your tips and tricks for stylish layers to keep warm in the winter? I'd love to know!

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J.Crew Coat - similar here and here || Loft Sweatshirt {sold out} - similar here || J.Crew Blouse {old} - similar here || A√©ropostale Jeans c/o || Alice + Olivia Loafers {old} - nearly identical here || Rebecca Minkoff Bag 


  1. That coat is perfect, just perfect! looks amazing with the scarf! xx

  2. Love a good duffle coat! And it looks especially good on you Erica!

  3. That coat is just fabulous! I love the unique, rich colour...and the hood. A hood is an essential part of my layering process.

    I can't believe you wore those flats outside for this shoot! Your poor toes <3


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