Wander // French Quarter, NOLA {Part II}

"Travel is rebellion in its greatest form: 
We follow our hearts, we free ourselves of labels, we lose control willingly, we trade a role for reality;
We love the unfamiliar, we trust strangers, we own only what we can carry;
We search for better questions not answers, we truly graduate, and -- we sometimes choose never to come back."

I was enchanted to meet you...

...from my heart to NOLA. As promised, here's the second part of my travel recap and some of my favorite photos from my trip! The French Quarter was truly an enchanting place. It felt otherworldly, like you had been transported to another land. One of my friends described it like a real-life Disney World theme park, and frankly, I'd have to agree. The charming streets were straight out of a storybook, and the constant feeling of life being celebrated was contagious. 

During our time there we mostly took the city by foot to explore all the random shops and eats, but I do recommend riding their streetcars just once because 1) it adds to the experience/ambiance, and 2) a one-day pass costs about as much as one subway ride in NYC, so really what's to lose? I also recommend wandering the French Quarter into the earlier hours of the evening because chances are, you'll encounter a wedding party and I promise it's something you won't find anywhere else! They literally parade down the streets of New Orleans, police motorcade, dancer, and live band included. We saw three during our time there and each time it's just as exciting as the last. 

For eats, you must try Cafe du Monde {beignets, coffee, & frozen cafe au lait}, Royal House {red fish beignets, fried oyster tacos, & crawfish etouffee -- thank you, Van for the suggestion!}, Mila {order anything...you won't be disappointed}, & Sucre {cappuccino & dessert}. Enjoy!


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