Floral Tights

Jacket (Dallin Chase) | Cardigan (J. Crew - similar here on sale!) | Top (American Eagle) | Shorts (Thrifted) | Tights (Betsey Johnson) | Belt (Forever 21) | Shoes (BX by Bronx) | Necklace (Dogeared)

Happy Monday!! The weather is back to its typical frigidity again, but this past weekend we had an unusually warm stint so I pulled together a fun look with these awesome tights I've been wanting to wear out. However, when I took these photos it was actually pretty cold and this outfit proved to be surprisingly warm - though I couldn't take off my coat since my cardigan wasn't nearly warm enough by itself. So, if you're curious to see what the cardigan looks like in its entirety, check out this post.

Just cause you're pretty in pink doesn't mean you can't throw on some tougher pieces and kick some serious butt in elfish black ankle boots. It's like Santa's little helpers went to the South Pole, decided black was the new Christmas red, and traded in his sled for a nice Harley Davidson. I hope my ramblings of why my shoes remind me of elves tinkling around at least makes you giggle :) Love you lots and see you all in my next post!

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