Zippered Details

Sweater (Vince) | Top (Ralph Lauren) | Bottoms (J. Crew) | Boots (Michael Kors) | Necklace (Francesca's)

Happy Valentine's Day my pretties!! Though this outfit is very monochromatic and in no way Valentine's Day themed, I still wanted to make sure I got a post up for today because Valentine's Day is all about love, and I love all my readers :)

During winter time I just love being comfy, and I thought this sweater was the epitome of cozy, not to mention warm! It was a pretty cold day, so I paired it with a turtleneck but added a drop necklace as a statement to keep it youthful and stylish since classic turtlenecks have been given an "old" stereotype. However, if you look in stores like J. Crew and Club Monaco, they're making a comeback! So don't worry, all those old turtlenecks you kept stashed away in the deep corners of your closet? It's safe to let them see time of day again. 

Finally, I wore my super thick pixie pants (no I don't wear these everyday of my life - it just happens that every time I choose an outfit to blog about, my pixie pants are somehow incorporated because they're just that great. Don't judge.) with black leather boots that have some cool zipper detailing. Unfortunately, I've had these for awhile so I really have no idea where to find a similar pair or these exact ones since I haven't seen anything like them in case any of you are wondering. Hope you all like this outfit, and all the love to you beautiful ladies (and handsome gentlemen) this Valentine's Day!! Thanks for reading!!

XOXOXO (extra hugs and kisses today),
E ♥

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