Oxblood and Neutrals

Sweater (United Colors of Benetton - also seen here) | Top (Forever 21 - old) | Bottoms (Uniqlo) | Scarf (Club Monaco) | Boots (Diane Von Furstenberg)

Hi everyone, and happy Friday!! Today's outfit is featuring one of my favorite color palettes - a mix of oxblood with neutrals and some mustard and dark olive green hues. I'm a big fan of warm colors because it suits my skin tone very well, and these particular colors have a certain richness that just feel like home to me - anyone else ever get these feelings? 

This outfit features a lot of my favorite pieces, and like some people have comfort foods, I have comfort clothes. I love basic pieces that drape together beautifully and are as easy to wear as leggings and an oversized hoodie. Once again, this outfit was centered greatly on my shoes. I picked up these beauties maybe two or three weeks ago, and it was love. After going through the photos I didn't find a shot that did them justice, but from the side it has a 3.5-4 inch dark wooden heel with gold metal detailing where it connects to the boot, and a platform in the front to make it easier to walk in. It also has gold zipper detailing which I'm a sucker for in any kind of boot. I kept the pants and the sweater very neutral so all the attention would be drawn to the colors up top and my shoes. 

Just a quick side note (and a mini rant about these pants. Ever notice how much I say that I fall in love with a piece or it's my absolute favorite? Yeah, this is one of those situations...), these pants are absolutely amazing and the price is a steal (only $19.90). They're actually a legging pant, but wear beautifully and are surprisingly slimming for a material that isn't all too heavy. I know I ramble on and on about my J. Crew pixie pants, but these are highly comparable, much more affordable, and is a bottom that I'd buy in multiples. I linked them above if you're looking to fall in love :) 

Hope you all enjoyed this look, and thanks for reading!! Have a fantastical weekend!

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