Valentine's Day Nails ♥

Orly (Moonlit Madness) | Ulta (Tink-Her-Bell) | Essie (Lion Around) | Sally Hansen (Whirlwind White; White Nail Art Pen) | Revlon (Quick Dry Base Coat) | Seche Vite ( Dry Fast Top Coat) | Osaka (Dotting Tool) 

Hi loves! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I love doing cute nail designs that match the upcoming holiday. If you remember awhile ago I promised a red velvet cupcake nail art but ended up breaking a nail the following day and haven't painted my nails since. So I decided instead to turn that into a nail art that would be perfect for V-Day! If you like it, keep reading for a step-by-step how to!

1) Use any base coat of your liking!
2) Paint on one coat of Orly's "Moonlit Madness" (I usually do two coats, but the formula on this particular polish is very opaque and non-streaky so one is good enough! Also, the thinner the nail polish, the less chipping you'll experience later on)
3) Using your dotting tool and Essie's "Lion Around", choose a finger and paint little polka dots!
4) Using Ulta's "Tink-Her-Bell", choose a finger and make it sparkle :) This one required a couple coats to get a more opaque pink-glitter finish.
5) Now for the tricky part...using the Sally Hansen White Nail Art Pen, draw an outline for the icing of your cupcake. The easiest way to do this is to pretend like you're drawing elementary school clouds :)
6) Using a white polish, I chose Sally Hansen "Whirlwind White", fill in the icing part of the cupcake as best as you can. Try to stay in the lines and keep the layer even!
7) Using Essie's "Lion Around" again with your dotting tool, make three stripes on the rest of your nail and finish it off with a cherry on top!
8) After your nails are thoroughly dry (I like watching TV while I wait), use your favorite top coat (mine will forever be Seche Vite) and seal in your design!

Aside from the cupcake, the rest of the design is pretty easy. If you don't have some of these colors/tools, that is just fine! Any red would work as a base color for this look, and a silver glitter would be just as cute! You can also replace the dotting tool with a tooth pick, which is a little harder to work with but still manageable. The only two things that I would definitely recommend getting is a white polish and the Seche Vite top coat because you'll find that getting your white layer to look completely even is pretty difficult, and the Seche Vite top coat has some magical way of making it look like a seamless paint job and thus making you look like a pro :) Hope you like this look, and I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's Day! Virtual chocolates for you all ♥

E ♥

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