RIY: Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Love this? Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial to Refine It Yourself :)

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

Tacky Glue, Pearls, Sharpie, Felt, Scissors, Ribbon, Pattern for collar (I bought all my materials from Michael's and downloaded my pattern from The Alison Show)

Step 2: Cut out your pattern, fold your felt in half, and line up the edges

 Tip: Buy the heavier grade felt (around 99 cents versus the cheap flimsy kind)

 Step 3: Trace your pattern on the backside of your felt and staple down the edges so you get a clean line when cutting

Step 4: Measure out your ribbon to the length of your desire and secure to the back of your pattern. 

 Tip: Sew down for a more secure and polished look, though using tacky glue is also an option

 Step 5: Lay out your pearls and design away! 

 Tip: You don't have to use multi-colored pearls! You can use all the same color or even other beads or studs!

 Tip: Line the edges with the larger size an randomly fill in the middle. I chose to line randomly instead of creating a color pattern. 

Step 6: Lay flat to dry over night

I hope you all enjoyed this RIY (Refine It Yourself) tutorial! If you try this out, let me know in the comments below how it turned out and have fun crafting!!

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  1. I love this, such a cute necklace and so simple. I'll definitely give this a try. I can't wait to see how you wear it with your outfits. :)

  2. I'd love to see this necklace featured in one of your next looks!



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