Stripes & Polka Dots

Blazer (H&M - similar here) | Top (Aerie - similar here) | Jeans (American Eagle - similar here) | Shoes (Tory Burch) | Necklace (Forever 21) | Watch (Michael Kors) | Bracelet (Pandora)

Hello again! Sorry for being a bit more MIA again this past week - had quite the busy (and slightly exhausting) second half of the week, but you guys have been on my mind so I'm getting right back on track. I've been in desperate need of a haircut, so this past Friday I decided to spur-of-the-moment chop off all my hair and donate it to Locks of Love :) I've never tried the classic bob look, but I'm still loving it and have no plans of regretting it anytime soon!

Over the weekend I decided to play with some patterns - one of my favorite things to do :) I find patterns fun because finding a good pairing can be tricky so I love the challenge. You all shouldn't be surprised to see some more polka dots on my page, and in the form of cropped lavender denim jeans this time! I remember seeing these jeans online when they first came out at AE and thought they were so adorable. I found them at a pretty good steal and have been dying for spring ever since I purchased them back in November (linked a super similar pair from F21 above). I paired it with a boatneck striped top and a classic blazer from H&M. I was actually quite surprised by the quality and cutting of this blazer - it seems much more high end than its label. You go Glenn Coco (or in this case, unnamed H&M designer)! Let me know what you like pairing your classic black blazer with! Thanks for reading :)

E ♥

P.S. Who else is loving the magnolias in the background??

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  1. I love your new hair cut E! It's fresh and perfect for spring&summer. Brownie Pts for donating your hair to locks of love! :) I love mix matching prints. Stripes and polka dots have been huge in my closet this season so far. I love those polka dot pants, I can definitely see you getting a lot of wear out of them. The color isn't too bold making it easier to wear out but still fun at the same time with be dots. As for black blazers, they are such an essential item for every wardrobe, I feel like you can dress any outfit up with a nice fitted blazer. I have one in my little cubby at work just in case I get cold. It goes with pretty much everything!

  2. Thanks Christine! It's a nice change since I haven't cut my hair this short in years!! It's also the first time I've donated to locks of love :) I feel like I own so many items with polka dots on it - I just keep gravitating towards them when I go shopping. I love that these are lavender though instead of a regular blue denim which makes them even more perfect for spring/summer. Definitely agree about the black blazer! A closet staple and a piece that will be a forever go-to solution :)



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