Under The Sea

Sweater (Abercrombie and Fitch) | Shirt (Forever 21) | Jeans (Urban Outfitters) | Shoes (DV by Dolce Vita - gift)
Photography by Joy Sun Photography 

Since this month is the one year anniversary of Refined Couture, I have decided that I am going to try my absolute best to bring you a blog post everyday, Monday to Friday, for the entire month! Hopefully I don't disappoint even though I do have exams coming up in the middle of the month and a lot of other events going on because as I mentioned earlier, it's going to be quite the hectic month for me.

I got up early yesterday morning to do some photos with my friend Joy from Joy Sun Photography. Side note - she is super talented so check out her page linked above!! You can see some of her other work on my blog herehere, and here (clearly she is much better at photo editing than I am, but it's okay! Mine are just more "au naturale":P aka let's be real, I'm a complete amateur.) Anyways, to the actual clothes! This is a super casual outfit for me, pretty typical of something I'd throw on for a day at school when the weather is not so nice (pictures are deceiving - it was freezing and so windy!). I love to layer, and decided to play with a whole palette of blues for the day. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I got home and went through the pictures that I realized there was no good shot of my shirt collar which was the main detail of this outfit. However, if you can see, it is studded and the shirt itself has open shoulder holes cut out. This outfit was all about cool tones and silver hardware, not something I typically choose since I'm more of a gold accents kind of girl but it's always nice to switch it up.

Hope you enjoyed this look and I'll see you tomorrow!!

E ♥

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  1. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I'm definitely no where close to that yet, it's only been a mere 4 months for me. Definitely going to look forward to your daily posts this month! :)

  2. Thanks Christine! Your blog seems to be doing great though for only starting 4 months ago! Love your posts :)

    XOXO ,
    E ♥



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