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Nanette Lepore Top - similar | Forever 21 Joggers | J.Crew Ankle Cuff Pumps | Forever 21 Belt and Bracelets | Michael Kors Watch

Introducing: the socially acceptable pajama pant! When I first purchased these, both my best friend and my sister joked on separate occasions that once this look went out of style, I could easily wear these as pajama pants - which is completely true and I am not ashamed to admit I will probably do. I became slightly obsessed with finding a black and white printed version of these after my mom dug her floral pair out of the depths of her closet (featured here). I saw this pair online and rushed to a Forever 21 to try them on because they were exactly what I had in mind. Other than a white top, I can't see these pants being paired with any other color. I kept the palette very simple with minimal gold accents and my new favorite pumps (love love love). In fact, I saw the Manolo Blahnik counter part to my pumps at Neiman Marcus last week, and I can't even...!!
Anyways, hope that last eye candy drool was a good afternoon pick me up for your Monday morning blues! I'll see you all on Wednesday, and thanks for reading!!

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  1. I really like those shoes on you, makes me want to check them out in stores lol I haven't tried those type of pants yet, but I think you can wear them even after the trend is over since it looks nice on you and the colors are basic. I think it'll look cute with a cobalt blue top or even a mustard yellow. :)

  2. Love this outfit especially the trousers they are amazing! Definitely going to follow you.

    maybe you would like to check out and follow us as well? x

  3. Thanks!! I will definitely go and check out your blog :) xx

  4. Thanks Christine! I liked them a lot when I bought them, but after wearing them, I'm definitely in love, haha. Would definitely recommend them! Never hurts to try it on :) I love these type of pants cause they're so comfy and easy to wear! Definitely going to try out your suggestion of a cobalt blue or a mustard when it gets a bit more autumn-y out!



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