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Madewell Dress | Ann Taylor Belt | J.Crew Pumps | Michael Kors Watch

Happy Monday! I've started to notice that I've gotten in the routine of making sure to have something up on the blog every Monday and Wednesday, and my hope is to eventually also add Friday to the list. I also like to mix it up on my blog with outfits that range from very casual to relatively dressy because that is the reality of my daily wardrobe and the wardrobe of any other person who leads a normal civilian life. Let's be real...nobody actually wears heels every day of their life no matter how good they make your calves and/or behind look.
Today's look leans on the relatively dressy side, and if you stick around for Wednesday's look you'll find that it will be on the opposing end of the spectrum. This outfit for me is full of "loves" - a beautiful silk day dress in a print that reminds me of the 80s, and these ankle cuff pumps from J.Crew that were indeed love at first sight. The phrase that comes to me when I look at this pairing is floral femme, and I can't get enough. What are your latest loves?? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks Christine! They're actually surprisingly comfortable for a heel without any platform in the front. I've worn them for 5-6 hours and haven't had any problems with pain, didn't need any breaking in! Love them <3



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