Mint Refresher

Calvin Klein Top (old) | J.Crew 5" Chino Shorts | Ann Taylor Belt | J.Crew Flats | Forever 21 Necklace (old) | Michael Kors Watch | Stella&Dot Bracelet | Tiffany&Co. Ring

Hey everyone! Back as promised with today's casual look. We were hit by a sweltering heat wave last week, and if you had told me we were in Arizona or Texas, I would've believed you. I've really been trying to get as much wear out of these neon flats you all saw for the first time in my Neon Pop post. I love how bold and bright they are, adding an extra kick to any outfit. Plus, they're probably one of the most comfortable pair of flats I own. I've mentioned before that I love a good mint and pink combo, so this was a no-brainer pairing for me.
As for a brief review of these J.Crew chino shorts, if any of you are avid J.Crew shoppers, you'll know the chino shorts come in many different inseams. I didn't bother with the 3" because I'm not a huge fan of super short shorts. I went directly for the 4" but I actually didn't like the way the cut looked, so I was going to just forgo owning a pair of their chino shorts altogether. However, I saw these 5" ones on sale for a great price, so I figured it didn't hurt to try them on. I surprisingly liked the cut of these a lot more, but still preferred the length of a 4" inseam, so I cuffed them up to solve the problem. If you're looking for a good pair of chino shorts, I definitely recommend at least trying these out since they come in such a large assortment of colors and inseams.
Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all on Monday!!

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  1. Love the flats with those shorts! I'm Taylor from and I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to this link to find out more about it and answer the questions!!! :) <3

  2. I love how you are always mix and matching colors. Those shoes are cute, and the color is so vibrant, it'll be a good pick me up when I see those on my feet when I'm have a bad day.

  3. I love the mint shorts with the pink flats. Super cute casual outfit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Mint is such a cool color!!!! It looks great on you! And the pop of pink is the perfect amount!


  5. Thanks Christine :) I always love mixing prints and colors to keep things fun and interesting! These are probably one of the most comfortable flats ever! Totally loving them and how bright they are.

  6. Thanks Ileana! Mint is definitely one of my constant favorites for spring and summer :)



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