"Into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely."

Out of office.

A temporary getaway, a short breather, a little bit of alone time, a quick break from life. There's an odd sense of relief when you finally get to put up an out of office message - like you can finally put down your responsibilities for a few days and think of nothing else but yourself, your personal life, and whatever you might enjoy doing during those days of recluse. As much as I love blogging and social media, sometimes I feel like an "out of office" for a couple days from this part of my life is also necessary. It allows me to recharge and rebalance because as much as it is a passion project for me, it also is something that constantly weighs on my mind - "Do I have enough content to blog this week?", "What should I share next on Instagram?", "How do I continue to engage my readers?". It's as much a job as it is a lifestyle, and like any other job, we all need a couple days of "out of office". So with that, I will see you guys in a week! However, I will still be sharing along on Instagram some everyday tidbits if you want to tag along to see what I'm up to during my breather. Happy holidays everyone!


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