Cali Haul! - Thrifting Obsessed

1) Destroyed high-waisted shorts (originally Levi's) - Thrifted @ Melrose Trading Post for $10

2) Oversized sheer Leopard print button-up blouse - Thrifted @ Goodwill $5

3) Printed crop skinny pants by Insight - Thrifted @ Melrose Trading Post $5

4) Chambray oversized button up - Thrifted @ Goodwill $6

5) Watercolor-patterned button up originally from UO - Thrifted @ Goodwill $6

The long awaited Cali haul has arrived!! Sorry for the major delays, but my schedule is a lot busier than anticipated and by the time I do have time to take photos, it's dark out and all you photo geeks out there know that artificial lightings sucks! :( 

But here we go. So I was originally planning on posting everything I bought in California, including little random things here and there, but it's been too long since I came back and I can't remember everything I bought and it's all been scattered around my room. So since this is a fashion blog for the most part, I figured clothes were the most important :) I will say, some of the things I bought were not so cheap for being thrifted, but they were either in like new condition or I just really couldn't leave without it...!

Most of you are probably wondering how I style these pieces. Well, I considered explaining it, but I figured it's better to show than tell. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled because I will be posting outfits incorporating all my thrifts! If you do follow, you'll recognize the last one from a post I already did. But if you haven't, check it out - End of Summer Hues (and Blues!)

E ♥

P.S. Check back at midnight for a new post!! :) 

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