Sunday Love ♥: Dipped in Gold (Nail Tutorial)

Base Coat (Revlon Quick Dry) | Nail Color (Butter London - "La Moss") | Loose Pigment (L'Oreal) | Top Coat (Seche Vite)

I've always wanted to try using loose pigment eyeshadow as a substitute for a glitter when doing my nails. The past Monday, Ulta was having their Buy One Get One Free sale for Butter London polishes, so I picked up 4 shades (or more like, my mom picked them up since I had class!) and one of them was "La Moss", which is a deep burgundy red color - perfect for fall!! Instead of keeping it simple, I wanted to add a little bit of gold accents to brighten up the dark color and try something different.

So if you're interested in trying this, keep reading!!

Step 1: Paint on a thin layer of base coat. I chose the Revlon one I've been using, but anything of your choice should be fine!
Step 2: Put on two coats of Butter London's "La Moss". I would suggest doing one hand at a time so the pigment can be applied while the nail polish is still damp.
Step 3: Use a sponge applicator (I took one out of an E.L.F. eyeshadow palette I have - I never use the applicators that come with the palettes) and pat the pigment onto the tips of your nails. I would also suggest dispensing the pigment onto another plastic surface for hygiene purposes.
Step 4: Place a layer of top coat only over the pigment. Make sure you wipe your brush clean before re-dipping!
Step 5: Cover your entire nail with a top coat - my favorite by far is Seche Vite. I've tried many others, and nothing else compares to this one.
Step 6: Repeat on other hand!

It's actually pretty simple and a lot easier to create a neat tip with the loose pigment and sponge applicator than it is with a gold polish. I was able to get both hands to look identical (usually with polish my right hand ends up looking like a disaster in comparison with my left). 

And if you've never used a Butter London polish before, it is probably my favorite brand of nail lacquer that I own. They're pretty pricey - $14 a bottle. But that's why I usually wait for the Ulta BOGO deal during their 21 Days of Beauty event. Unfortunately, I think the Butter London event only happens once a year :( However, the formula is great and they have a lot of shades that are unique to it's brand. Yes, you can probably find something somewhat similar, but I haven't seen or tried many dupes that have satisfied my want for the Butter London version. 

Hope you liked this, and just wanted to say a big thank you to all my followers! I've surpassed the 7,000 pageview mark!! :)

E ♥ 

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