California Sun ♥

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego
Torrey Pines state Beach, San Diego
Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego
Fishing! I believe this is a corbina
Better than Starbucks! So so good, craving some now.
Pelican Hill Resort (Where the photos from End of Summer Hues (and Blues)! was shot)

Toast filled with custard and our mermaid design (I believe when you order this, they make a new presentation for each order, so it's always a surprise!)
As promised, here are some photos from my vacation in California :) School's only started for a couple of days, but it already feels like it's been half a semester!! Editing these pictures are making me feel some extreme summertime withdrawal, but til next time summer!

My haul post will be coming soon...I wanted to put everything in the laundry first when I got home because a lot of it, or possibly all of it, was thrifted! I think everything is finally washed and cleaned, so as soon as I get the chance to photograph it, I'll post it. Also be on the lookout for a fall fashion/back-to-school fashion post! Thanks for reading :)

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