End Of Summer Hues (and Blues!)

Top (Thrifted) | Skirt (Urban Outfitters) | Wedges (Enzo Angiolini) | Watch (MK) | Necklace (Dogeared) | Rings (Target)
Photos by my friend!

Hey girls (and boys?)! It is officially my last night in California so I figured it would be appropriate to blog another outfit from my adventures over here. I'm pretty sad to be leaving, not only because of all the people I'll miss, but also because it means summer is officially over and it's time to get back to the stresses of school :( 

For this outfit, it's actually a pretty simple look at an amazing price. I've been wanting a top like this with a colorful but not too over-the-top print, and when I found this at Goodwill I was super excited. I got it for six bucks, which is a bit pricey for a previously-owned piece, but I loved it too much to leave it behind and it was also in like-new condition. I paired it with a tiered lace skirt I got maybe two weeks ago from UO for only ten dollars! I love this skirt because it reminds me of the tiered lace shorts that have been around a lot this summer, but I think a skirt is more flattering for my body type than the shorts would be. 

Because the skirt is kind of "busy" due to the lace and the tiered style, it's actually a pretty tricky piece to work with. I tried on countless tops before I decided that this one was the perfect match. It's definitely a skirt that works well with a printed/colorful top, but any print that's too defined or bold might make the outfit tacky. If you pick a top that's more plain it's a bit too boring for my personal taste (though it wouldn't look bad! So if you like plain, go for it!). Because I chose a bold top, I kept everything else neutral, with small gold accents and black wedges. If you choose a plainer top, you can pair this with a statement necklace to dress it up more and make it more unique to your personal taste and style. 

That'll be it for now! I will be doing a California Haul post and also just some photos from my trip later in the week so keep on the lookout for those! Because school is starting soon, I will forewarn you now that I will be continuing on a less-frequent posting routine. Look for a post two to three times a week. If you subscribe to my page you'll get notifications when I post something new :) See you all back in my home state!!

E ♥

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