Friday Feature: Cognac and Cobalt

Dress (TJ Maxx) | Belt (Forever 21) | Wedges (J. Crew)

First week of school is finally over and it's now the weekend! Yay!! :) I decided to give you all an extremely cute but proper look for a lazy Saturday or Sunday brunch and an afternoon out with your girl friends and/or boyfriend. It's a super simple outfit, but I adore this lace blue dress and I wish they had it in my size! Paired with the bow belt, I can't think of any other adjective to describe it but cutesy yet preppy. The strappy wedges give it a more summery feel as the weather where I live is still extremely hot, so this outfit is very appropriate. 

I don't think I'll have much time to post this weekend since I'll be away half the weekend for a friend's birthday celebration (Happy early birthday Brit, if you're reading!!). However, I'll remember to take some pictures, particularly OOTD pictures, for all of you so don't worry! :) They will either be up late Sunday or on Monday. I'm also planning out lots of new blog post ideas, including a fall menswear post so keep on reading!! And yes, I promise I will get to that haul post from my California trip! 

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