(A Very Belated) Happy New Year! - 2012 Lookbook

Though I'm six days past due, I just want to wish everyone a very very happy new year!! I apologize for disappearing for quite a bit - I was away and had no access to my blog or my laptop so I was unable to put any posts together for you guys :(

However, I wanted to take this time to thank all of you, my beautiful readers, who have constantly supported my blog since it's birth in early spring 2012 :) To those of you who have told me that my posts inspire you in what you wear, it really is an honor! I love blogging for all of you because fashion is truly something I love, and I believe that what you wear can really change how you feel. Never dress to impress others, never dress to be like others, just dress to please yourself and to be yourself. Like I say in my sidebar, fashion is personal - it is an art unconfined to the space of a canvas, and an art that defines you. So thank you, thank you to all of you!!  I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for all of us, and I hope I can continue to inspire each one of you to just keep being the best fashionable you that you could be :) Lots of love!!

E ♥

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