SRFY: Additional 40% J. Crew Sale Items!

All images taken from J.Crew (items may vary from store to store)

I decided to add a new section to my blog called SRFY (pronounced "surfy" in my head). It stands for "Shopping Refined for You" and it was inspired by a new blog I follow called Classy Chap, which is a men's lifestyle and fashion blog. So for all you boys that follow my posts, check it out! 

You might be wondering, what is SRFY? For those of you who know me personally or can just gather from my past posts, I really love to shop and I probably shop way too much for my own good. Like most college students out there, I'm not made of money so when I shop I love scoring good deals, and it's almost necessary for me since I shop so much, because otherwise I'd be dead broke right now. With my new SRFY posts, I'll bring you all the good deals I come across from surfing the web or perusing the stores and we can be bargain hunting buddies together :) 

So for today's SRFY deal, we have the best time of year in the world of J. Crew - additional 40% off their sale items! If you shop online, the deal is only for 30% off unfortunately. Keep in mind that all their sale items are final sale when there is an additional discount, so it's best if you can get into the stores and try things on before purchasing! I've already gone to quite a few J. Crew's since the sale has started and picked up some great buys, so hit up the J. Crew near you and let me know what good SRFY deals you find!

E ♥

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  1. Use ur student id to get 15% off!!

    1. Yes! Unfortunately, I think they only allow the 15% off on full-priced items unless you're shopping at their factory outlets. Then they offer an extra 15% off any purchase :)



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