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Hello hello! Today I have another SRFY deal for all of you (check out my first one here - I believe it's still going on!). I haven't been shopping all too much myself lately because I'm trying (really hard) to keep my New Year resolution of doing less impulse shopping. But a little browsing never hurt anyone, and I tell myself it is my moral obligation to shop for all my readers as promised! :)

So today I bring you another great deal from another one of my favorite stores of all time - Madewell! I've been an avid fan of Madewell ever since my high school days, and I love them simply because of their quality and style. Much of their lines consist of pieces that just give you an easy, effortless style in versatile but chic pieces that almost always have a small element of uniqueness that makes it different from other brands. Aka, when you rock Madewell, you're the girl in the room with the effortlessly cool look all the other girls are eyeing covetously, and let's be real - who doesn't want to be that girl??

As always, I've hand selected pieces to share with you guys that I personally love and/or own, but there's tons more on their actual site so shop away and let me live vicariously through you!! Enter code LOVE40 at checkout to receive the discount. Love you chicas, and I'll catch you all next time ;)
Disclaimer: These are all my own personal opinions! I am not being sponsored to post this.

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