Circle Skirts are Forever

Top (Charter Club) | Skirt (J. Crew - kids) | Jacket (Marc Jacobs) | Necklace (Forever 21) | Watch (MK) | Bracelet (Pandora) | Rings (Tiffany & Co., Target, Ariella Collection) | Belt (J. Crew)

Happy Monday! Recently, I've developed a new affinity for circle skirts and they are now one of my new loves. I want one in every color and in all patterns and fabrics because they are just so versatile and so darn cute! You can dress them up or dress them down, and they can virtually be manipulated to fit your own personal style. I've seen girls who style it very laid-back for everyday wear and a lot of girls who love to kick it up a notch and give it their own edge with duo-patterned tights, a graphic tee, and a nice leather or denim jacket. But for me, I either stick with the former or a look similar to the one I'm rocking today :)

As if this outfit wasn't barftastically preppy enough, I couldn't resist but to throw on a pair of bow tights and really call this outfit mine because you know me and bows - I can never get enough! I love these little booties because they remind me of blossoming flowers for some reason. I think its due in part to the way they cinch and then flare open at the top. Unfortunately, I don't know what brand these shoes are. The only hints I found on the soles were "Made in Italy" and Vero Cuoio, or Real Leather. 

I hope you all enjoyed this look and the repetition of clenched fists in all the photographs. It was extremely cold outside and even my little trick of double layering in Uniqlo Heat-Tech and cashmere sweaters wasn't doing its duty this time around. Is it just me, or is it an extremely Asian thing to do in double layering long sleeves? Haha, have a great week!!

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