The Art of Being a Classy Chap

Hi everyone! Today's post is a little different, and really meant for all the guys who frequent my page, and I know there are quite a few of you. I've had some people ask me to do more posts for men's fashion, but it's pretty difficult for me to find a guy willing to take photos for my page while also owning a wardrobe that I appreciate. 

So instead, I found you all a blog that pretty much gives you a handbook for your manly lives, or as I like to call it, a manbook. (And no, I am not being paid to rave about this blog...!) You guys like things to be simple and straightforward with your no-frills kind of attitude, and ClassyChap is just that. You can find great deals on clothing items that are pre-approved by the blogger himself (for example, the latest post featured a wool-blend peacoat by Guess for only $37, MSRP was $250), and other deals and suggestions for gadgets, healthy living, fine living, and the occasional Sunday Funday giveaway! 

Are you a ClassyChap? To get more tips and deals, visit and learn to rock that monocle ;)

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