Color Between the Shadows

Top (Outer): J. Crew | Top (Inner): TJ Maxx | Bottoms: Abercrombie and Fitch | Shoes: Tory Burch | Necklace: Forever 21 | Watch: MK | Rings: Tiffany & Co., Target, Ariella Collection | Earrings: Kate Spade

Happy Wednesday! I love Wednesdays because for the past semester and this semester, it's my day off from school so I have plenty of time to be productive :)

Today I bring you an outfit that's fun and preppy, with some layers and color. The weather was beautiful when I took these pictures (not so much anymore...), so this outfit was passable even though it is the middle of January. As you all may know, I've previously expressed my deep love for J. Crew and my secret desire to purchase the entire store and bask in its tailored designs and adorable prints, and this outfit was actually inspired by one of the mannequins I saw dressed in the store. It was wearing a turquoise-green pair of chords and a denim shirt, with a boxy tweed jacket layered over it and a statement necklace. I pulled from some of those similar ideas and came out with this!

If it's too cold, a cute pair of cognac riding boots would work perfectly with this outfit. But I opted to go with my Torys, as Ms. Burch can do no wrong. Hope you all liked this look, and thanks for reading!!

E ♥

P.S. Who's checked out the spring collection for Tory Burch? Literally sitting here ogling the shoes and trying not to drool. Want!!

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