Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Top (TJ Maxx) | Jeans (Forever 21) | Necklace (Tiffanys) | Bag (Longchamp)
Photos by my friend!

Helloo from California! :) Finally got around to uploading and editing the pictures I took when I was down in San Diego and since I had a bit of time I decided to post and blog! It was a pretty gloomy day in San Diego (just my luck!), so I decided to brighten up the day with a pair of bright yellow cigarette jeans :) I've been wanting a pair of bright yellow jeans for a long while and I finally scored a pair for a great deal at Forever 21. I paired it with a cute lace top from TJ Maxx that I also got for a steal (I think this outfit, minus the bag, adds up to around 23 bucks!). I love to contrast colors, and blue and yellow are the perfect compliments to each other - like night and day! But to be honest, yellow pants could go with a wide variety of colors. If you want to be more daring, you could pair it with pink or purple, and if you like to stay more neutral a white top is always a safe way to go! To tone down the yellow, black also works but for me, I think black is a trickier color to work with when it comes to these pants. If you do go black, choose something simple but girly with a sweet edge to keep the outfit feminine and chic!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer or the first few days of school :)

E ♥

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Feature: Summer Haze

Top (Old Navy) | Skirt (Jason Wu for Target) | Belt (Jason Wu for Target) | Wedges (Ann Taylor) | Necklace (Forever 21)

Hi everyone! Updating my blog while "on the road" isn't as easy as I thought it'd be :( I did take some pictures on Friday, so do know that I haven't forgotten about you all! But before I can upload and edit the pictures, I figured I'd post a feature since I have a couple of these ready already. 

I think this is a perfect summery outfit - it's a bit preppy and every bit girly :) I love the accordion-pleated skirts, and this one's a bit different and more fun since it has a nice floral print to it. If you girls are familiar with the Jason Wu collection that came out for Target, this was one of his prints that he used for this skirt, a dress, and also another tank top. The colors in this outfit are pretty basic, the only accent being the yellow belt which was paired to match the yellow in the skirt. When you wear more simple outfits, that's when you can go with a bolder lip or eye look. In this case, the lip color is almost like another "accent" in the outfit/look because it pairs up really well with the reds in the skirt. 

Check back soon for some updates on my vacation adventures! And as always, thanks for following!!

E ♥ 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trending: Fall Obsessions - Shoes and Collar Necklaces

Hi everyone! It's been a couple days since I was able to post - sorry about that! Summer's drawing to a close but I actually am just kicking off an end-of-summer vacation :) Unfortunately, this means that I probably won't get to post as often as I would like, but I did keep all my viewers in mind while packing! I have some cute outfits in tow and also my dslr, so I will try to update as often as possible!!

As for this post...as promised I said I would do a post on shoes and accessories. I decided to just go with the fall shoes and accessories I am personally eyeing because if I were to try to cover it all it would be way too much! However, a few things I did notice were duo-toned oxfords (neutral shoe, neon sole). I am loving this look. The ones I have above are the Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtips (and for my guys who follow this blog - yes they have a men's version!) I am absolutely obsessed with these shoes, and if it weren't for the hefty price tag, they'd already be in my possession!! There is a similar version from Target though, but I tried them on and I wasn't a huge fan (in some cases, quality does make a difference!) 

Another trend I am still obsessing over is studs. Studded collars, studded shoes, studded jackets, you name it. If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for those loafer-ish flats that are super in right now. Does anyone know exactly what they're called? If you do, please let me know :) I've been trying to find the perfect pair of leopard print ones and also a studded pair. The black studded ones I have above are from Topshop, and they actually come in a pretty decent price!!

Last is my collar obsession. It is a huge trend this fall, and I also personally love it. I am a huge statement necklace person, so this statement collar trend is perfect in my books. I can't wait to purchase more collar pieces. One thing that I thought was very clever was an idea I saw on my friend's tumblr blog. She used earrings to accessorize her shirt collars - a similar concept to buying collar tips. If you're interested, check out her blogpost at DressMeWoman

Hope everyone had a great first half of the week!! See you all in my next post :)

E ♥

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Autumn Edge

 Lace Top (American Apparel) | Denim Shirt (Vintage) | Necklace (Forever 21) | Belt (J. Crew) | Shorts   (Thrifted) | Shoes (Sam Edelman)
Photography and edits by JoySunPhotography

It's the last of my pictures from my shoot with Joy, so I have linked her Facebook page above!! Check it out for the rest of the pictures from our shoot that I didn't post and also a lot of other picture from her portfolio! She's an extremely talented photographer, so if you're interested in that kind of stuff, take a look! 

I really love the look and feel of this outfit (not to mention it's extremely comfortable!) I think it's very cool and laid back, yet it's still trendy. I incorporated all my favorite things into this outfit: lace, denim,  high waisted shorts, and a pop of color in a nice leather belt :) I chose to go with my black Sam Edelman combat boots because the outfit actually has kind of a feminine soft touch to it, so I pulled on the boots to make it a little edgier and rougher.

 I love the juxtaposition of different elements in this outfit. The palette is pretty cool and subdued, but it's brightened and warmed up by the peachy orange belt. The necklace is feminine like the top, but also edgy because of the geometrical shapes, so it ties in well with the boots and denim shirt. I think it's the perfect transition outfit from end of summer into the beginning of fall. What do you think?

I hope everyone had a great weekend! And to those who have work tomorrow, happy working Monday! I have to keep reminding myself that I no longer have to wake up early anymore :) As for everyone else, keep enjoying the rest of your summer!! I'll catch you all tomorrow!

E ♥

Trending: Step Into Fall 2012 (Clothing)

Black & Blue

Pullover Sweaters

Prints on Prints




White After Labor Day

Peacoats Instead of Parkas

It's coming up to that time where we're preparing for our back to school wardrobe and we (or maybe it's just me) can't wait for the nip to get back into the air that's a telltale sign of fall's arrival. I love the transition into fall clothing, where you get to start layering your clothes and wearing more "bundled-up"  clothing without feeling overly restricted in your layers like you do in the winter time. 

After reading through pages and pages of fashion magazines, I've put together some major trends going on this fall! If you pay attention, you'll notice that though I've broken them up into categories, there is in fact a lot of overlap. 

Just to go into detail from what you can't already gather from the captions and pictures, first off...don't ditch your peplum quite yet! It's transitioning into the fall, but in darker colors and fabrics (i.e. LEATHER [faux or not]!) to give it a heavier feel. If you do have a peplum top in a more bold color, tone it down with black to offset it. Don't be afraid to rock your bright colors this fall, because it's still in! Just remember to balance it with black to give it a more fall-feel. 

Another huge trend is detailed collars. I will be doing another Fall Trending post later on for accessories and shoes, but whether the collar is actually attached to your shirt or not, the statement collar is an extreme DO this fall. 

Next we have the pull-over sweater - one of the comfiest pieces in a girl's closet. Lucky us, because this fall it's all the rage. Whether it be in fun colors, color-blocked, patterned, or cable-knit, pullovers are going to be another don't-go-without, either worn alone or layered over a collared top. And one thing to take notice of is the mustard yellow - another "in" color this fall. 

Speaking of prints, experiment with mixing prints this fall! Florals with stripes, stripes on stripes, abstract print on stripes, etc.! Be a bit daring cause there's no other way to go when your outfit is that bold. 

And last, the peacoat instead of the parka. Something to keep in mind when you invest in a nice peacoat this fall - it transitions perfectly into the winter. And even when this peacoat over parka trend goes out the door, your peacoat is still in! Because peacoats are a classic, you can't go wrong with them. But one thing to look for this fall is a peacoat with bigger/more statement lapels! It will automatically give your outfit a more lush feel (just like the burgundy trend going on this fall!)

Hope this post gave you all some ideas at what you'll be keeping your eyes out for the next time you hit the mall. I will be doing more Fall fashion posts as we make our way into September, so be on the lookout! Happy shopping for your back to school wardrobe!! :)

E ♥