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It's coming up to that time where we're preparing for our back to school wardrobe and we (or maybe it's just me) can't wait for the nip to get back into the air that's a telltale sign of fall's arrival. I love the transition into fall clothing, where you get to start layering your clothes and wearing more "bundled-up"  clothing without feeling overly restricted in your layers like you do in the winter time. 

After reading through pages and pages of fashion magazines, I've put together some major trends going on this fall! If you pay attention, you'll notice that though I've broken them up into categories, there is in fact a lot of overlap. 

Just to go into detail from what you can't already gather from the captions and pictures, first off...don't ditch your peplum quite yet! It's transitioning into the fall, but in darker colors and fabrics (i.e. LEATHER [faux or not]!) to give it a heavier feel. If you do have a peplum top in a more bold color, tone it down with black to offset it. Don't be afraid to rock your bright colors this fall, because it's still in! Just remember to balance it with black to give it a more fall-feel. 

Another huge trend is detailed collars. I will be doing another Fall Trending post later on for accessories and shoes, but whether the collar is actually attached to your shirt or not, the statement collar is an extreme DO this fall. 

Next we have the pull-over sweater - one of the comfiest pieces in a girl's closet. Lucky us, because this fall it's all the rage. Whether it be in fun colors, color-blocked, patterned, or cable-knit, pullovers are going to be another don't-go-without, either worn alone or layered over a collared top. And one thing to take notice of is the mustard yellow - another "in" color this fall. 

Speaking of prints, experiment with mixing prints this fall! Florals with stripes, stripes on stripes, abstract print on stripes, etc.! Be a bit daring cause there's no other way to go when your outfit is that bold. 

And last, the peacoat instead of the parka. Something to keep in mind when you invest in a nice peacoat this fall - it transitions perfectly into the winter. And even when this peacoat over parka trend goes out the door, your peacoat is still in! Because peacoats are a classic, you can't go wrong with them. But one thing to look for this fall is a peacoat with bigger/more statement lapels! It will automatically give your outfit a more lush feel (just like the burgundy trend going on this fall!)

Hope this post gave you all some ideas at what you'll be keeping your eyes out for the next time you hit the mall. I will be doing more Fall fashion posts as we make our way into September, so be on the lookout! Happy shopping for your back to school wardrobe!! :)

E ♥

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