1 Shirt, 2 Styles

Style 1:

 Top (Forever 21 - no longer available) | Belt (boutique) | Skirt (Max Mara via TJ Maxx) | Shoes (Enzo Angiolini) | Jewelry (Tiffanys) | Watch (Michael Kors)
Photography by the sister, edits by myself

Style 2:

Top (TJ Maxx) | Belt (Madewell) | Skirt (UO) | Jewelry (Forever 21) | Shoes (Nine West)
Photography and edits by myself

Hey girlies! And boys?? Hope you're all having a superb weekend so far! Today I'm giving you something a little out of the ordinary. So today, my sister and I ended up wearing almost the same exact top, but I must clarify - it is actually not the same shirt. I bought my top about a year ago from Forever 21, and she purchased her's recently from TJ Maxx (sorry I don't know the brand!!) Therefore, I decided it'd be fun if we did a little post about how one shirt can be styled in two totally different ways. We're always trying to make the most of our purchases, especially if it's something that you love! So here's an idea of how you can do just that with the same shirt!

 Granted, we're both wearing a frilly shirt and a skirt of some sort, but my look is a bit more girly with the lace on lace, and her's is more laid back with the flowy skirt. Throw on a pair of cute sandals with her outfit, and you're good for a day out!

With my outfit, you can see that lace on lace can work without seeming overboard or overdone. Even without the belt, I managed not to look like a wedding cake, but I tend to like to break up my outfits with some sort of belt. But remember, when you're going with an outfit that has lots of prints or in this case lace, remember to keep the accessories simple! Otherwise, you will manage to turn a cute outfit into a trainwreck and you might find yourselves on the pages of a magazine of the worst style mishaps, eyes blacked out, doing the walk of shame.

Let me know if you like posts like these! I can't believe I'm nearly at 4,000 page views!! Thank you thank you for all the support, and I'll catch you all tomorrow with my Sunday Love!

E ♥

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