Friday Feature: Lace and Leather

Top (TJ Maxx) | Skirt (Gap) | Shoes (Latitude Femme) | Jewelry (Forever 21)
Photos by myself, edits by JChenPhotography

Happy weekend!! I love the feeling of the beginning of the weekend, don't you? So today I'm giving you all two posts to make up for disappearing all week! I meant to post the foundation routine Wednesday, but it ended up staying in my queue as a draft until today! But since it's Friday, I still have my Friday feature! 

Today, my model is wearing the lace shirt from my Saturday post, 1 Shirt, 2 Styles. Which means now you have a third style! I love mixing different materials and prints, so the contrast of the lace and leather really softens up the leather. Throw in the snakeskin on her shoes, and you have 3 different textures that all mesh very well. With an outfit like this, it's good to keep the hues subtle so nothing is too over-powering, which could make it slightly tacky.

I have an eventful weekend ahead of me, but keep your eyes peeled for some new posts! I will be shooting on Sunday for my blog, so be on the lookout for a new photographer and also a new face! Hope you all are getting your weekends off to a good start :)

E ♥

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