Trending: Fall Obsessions - Shoes and Collar Necklaces

Hi everyone! It's been a couple days since I was able to post - sorry about that! Summer's drawing to a close but I actually am just kicking off an end-of-summer vacation :) Unfortunately, this means that I probably won't get to post as often as I would like, but I did keep all my viewers in mind while packing! I have some cute outfits in tow and also my dslr, so I will try to update as often as possible!!

As for this promised I said I would do a post on shoes and accessories. I decided to just go with the fall shoes and accessories I am personally eyeing because if I were to try to cover it all it would be way too much! However, a few things I did notice were duo-toned oxfords (neutral shoe, neon sole). I am loving this look. The ones I have above are the Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtips (and for my guys who follow this blog - yes they have a men's version!) I am absolutely obsessed with these shoes, and if it weren't for the hefty price tag, they'd already be in my possession!! There is a similar version from Target though, but I tried them on and I wasn't a huge fan (in some cases, quality does make a difference!) 

Another trend I am still obsessing over is studs. Studded collars, studded shoes, studded jackets, you name it. If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for those loafer-ish flats that are super in right now. Does anyone know exactly what they're called? If you do, please let me know :) I've been trying to find the perfect pair of leopard print ones and also a studded pair. The black studded ones I have above are from Topshop, and they actually come in a pretty decent price!!

Last is my collar obsession. It is a huge trend this fall, and I also personally love it. I am a huge statement necklace person, so this statement collar trend is perfect in my books. I can't wait to purchase more collar pieces. One thing that I thought was very clever was an idea I saw on my friend's tumblr blog. She used earrings to accessorize her shirt collars - a similar concept to buying collar tips. If you're interested, check out her blogpost at DressMeWoman

Hope everyone had a great first half of the week!! See you all in my next post :)

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