Starry Night

Top (Forever 21) | Shorts (Forever 21) | Jewelry (Forever 21) | Watch (Michael Kors) | Shoes (DV by Dolce Vita)
Photography by the sister, edits by JChenPhotography (except for the ones without the watermark - those by myself)

Hi everyone! The weekend's half over already!! Is it just me, or does it feel like it completely just flew by? Well, today I have an outfit for you that's completely affordable and very casual but still cute. I'm pretty sure that the entire outfit, excluding the watch, totals to around $65 - the shoes being the largest chunk of that sum. If you haven't noticed from my other outfit posts, I'm a bargain shopper. I love a good steal, and at the rate I shop, that's a must.

This shirt was purchased in a haul I blogged about at the beginning of last month, found here. So if you want to check out the shirt, it's linked in that post, but I'm not sure if it's still available. The shorts were purchased even longer ago, so I'm pretty sure it's no longer available in Forever 21 stores, but since color is so in I'm sure you can find a similar pair! I wasn't originally going to buy this shirt since I had so many other tops I loved on my must-buy list that day, but both my big and two random shoppers told me they loved the top when I tried it on so I couldn't resist! Plus, I saw another woman eyeing my shirt in my hand and wandering over to the racks to look for it :)

Anyhow, I'm not usually a big navy person because I find navy a difficult color to match. I don't like to do navy on jeans, nor do I like to do navy on black, and navy with white is just too expected. So what I like about this outfit is that I could pair the navy with orange but still have it make perfect sense since I'm simply bringing out the orange accents in the top. I kept the accessories and shoes minimal and neutral because my bottoms are already bold and my top is patterned. But make sure if you ever have gold accents in your clothing to have gold jewelry to go with it! Unless you can really make the mixed metals effect work, you're much better off sticking with the same kind :)

Hope you like this outfit, and be on the lookout for updates on my adventures tomorrow! Have a fantastic Sunday! :)

E ♥

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