Sunshine on Sunflowers

Dress (Forever 21) | Shoes (Vintage) | Necklace (Gift - handmade by family friend) 
Photography by JoySunPhotography

Hi everyone! Can't believe the week is already half over, which means my internship officially ends in 2 days! This summer literally flew by, it's crazy!

Today I'm here to share with you another set of photos from my shoot on Sunday with JoySunPhotography. And just a disclaimer to avoid any controversy, I am wearing spandex underneath my dress! So moving on with the outfit, the dress is a piece I bought when the lace trend first started to bloom, maybe 2 years ago. There are a ton of lace dresses out there, so you can easily find a similar one! Since the dress is a creamy white, I accented it with a big, bold turquoise and gold necklace. I really love this necklace because it's such a special and unique piece. I've gotten comments from people that it has kind of a Native American feel to it since in detail you'll see shells and the bronze detailing looks kind of like bones. With this necklace, I think a key part is also where it hits on the neckline of the dress. Because it hits right where the dress starts, it creates almost a halter-like effect.

I kept the shoes casual with a vintage touch, in my worn-down leather oxfords which used to be my mom's. I can't get enough of her old shoes :)

I hope you enjoyed this outfit, and the pictures! There is still one more set, but before that, keep your eyes open for a Friday Feature post tomorrow where I will be posting another outfit I put together for Joy in our Sunday shoot. Thanks for all your support!! Less than 300 views from my 5,000-view goal!! :)

E ♥

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  1. I should make a guest appearance. Because i'm so stylish/good looking.

    XOXO -The Real "E"



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