Friday Feature: Dare to Be

Dress (American Eagle - acid wash denim peplum here) | Necklace (Forever 21 - no longer available) | Shoes (Marc Fisher - love these!!) | Lip Color (MAC - limited edition)
Photography, styling, and makeup done by me, edits by JChenPhotography

Happy Friday!! So I decided to start something new on Fridays! Every Friday I will do a Friday Feature, in which the model will be styled by me, either with my own clothes or I will mix and match their own pieces with mine to create a look. I also will do their makeup and their hair. This is something I wanted to start doing because one of my favorite parts of fashion is styling other people, and being able to incorporate the beauty aspect is also another passion of mine (you'll see in future posts that I'm also a makeup junkie!) 

For this week's feature, I styled the most cooperative and accessible model I have - my sister :) However, everything she has on, aside from the shoes, are all from my closet. This dress is something I purchased years and years ago from American Eagle. It's got a slight peplum style, but with less structure than the peplum dresses you're seeing right now. When I purchased the dress, peplum wasn't a huge trend, but I loved the style of the dress anyhow. I love the studs and the discreet bustier style, and the peplum makes it more special than just a denim strapless dress (though it is faux denim!)

I gave her an edgy necklace to bring out the studs in the dress, and with the topknot and wayfarer sunglasses, it's a very edgy look. It's very NastyGal-esque in my opinion (one of my favorite online stores!) The shoes add a pop of color, and I also thought a bold lip was very appropriate for this look. She kept the sunnies on the entire time, but for her eye makeup, I gave her a pretty severe winged liner. 

Hope you enjoy my new Friday Feature series!! Please keep supporting, and any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated :)

E ♥

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